Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Not That Free X Yet I Did: Monday’s Shopping Spree


it was just another upside-down day

seems like it is going to stay for real

for the


Little Miss Freelancer


well.. it actually stands for

Lazy M. F*cker according to the

HK hip-hop brand which popularizes

that song on Bruce Lee, “1127”



woke up at 8:30 am

to review and send off a batch of work

done by 10 am to realize that

I actually promise to send by afternoon


but it’s good anyway to

prompt myself to wake up

and final review done in the morning is

usually of higher quality

compared to any other time of the day


okay.. yet

I got back to nap by 10:30 am

for almost an hour

can’t exactly fall asleep but

I just felt that I need a break



after lunch

got back to work

the NGO paper

was more challenging than

what I have expected as

it involved the legal aspects of

setting up a foreign funded NGO

therefore it’s basically an analysis of

the possible ways to get it established


but no worries

I was half way done

spent an hour doing and

after my nephew fell asleep


I actually went out with my sis

for a Monday shopping

had not done so for quite some time

like just the two of us

having the nephew with us

is simply just so impossible to shop

and I always ended up

baby sitting him or

entertaining him at arcade


once I was forced to ride the baby bike

as he was considered underage

yet he insisted to take a ride

that was just quite an epic


a good warm-up exercise

for the two of us

before Seoul


I was here at the malls like last night

with my dad

but it’s alright

coming with different persons

equals to different shops and segments


by the way

there isn’t that much choice anyway

not that we have any other

shopping district in town


one thing with my sister

patience is a great virtue

she could take a very long time

buying loads of things or

ended up buying nothing at all


and I came across these

pretty neat posters

at a home décor / gifts / toys/ etc store

which were kinda tempting but

let me just find the appropriate locations

before I can even decide to buy them 

Slogan posters


but seriously

these make really good gifts for

Christmas gift exchange too

ermm.. not that I have

any colleagues to conduct one

and the quality is pretty not bad

it’s canvas instead of paper poster

Slogan postersSlogan postersSlogan posters


and we ended up at baby’s department

buying some gifts for a new-born

as I wandered off and bumped into these

roar.. I must get these!!

for my beloved Manager

has not seen her for like..

since last November I guess

but yet.. I know I have to get these for her

Aventure Time Canvas Slip-ons


my sister was like


wouldn’t you think of your

poor nephew at home and

you are getting these for your friend instead


alright alright

I will get a pair

lucky 27 then, just right in front


when the sale person asked me to

confirm the size

I was about to tell her size doesn’t matter

that’s my lucky number, by the way


so here’s the plan

when I bring home

if my beloved nephew happened to

like it and it fits nicely

this will be presented to him and

I will come back and grab another pair

for my manager, then


if he doesn’t

then this will go to Ms. Manager

as planned


we went round and round

had some dessert too

and made the wrong decision of

buying take-aways far too early

and it was another 2 hours

before we got home


my sis got the sweatshirts she wanted

this funny promo at Terranova

for sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants



I stopped her from buying

a hoodie dress from Uniqlo

it’s Snoopy X Peanuts 65th Anniversary

why was I doing that

because I was quite immunized I guess

Uniqlo has collaboration every single season


every single window displays at Vans

are based on this couple-look thingy

no it doesn’t hurt me that bad

but if I were to choose

I will have go for the men’s version

the Disney collection is all over the store

the backpacks are pretty neat

Vans X Disney pullover sweatshirts


it is Cara X Kate Moss at MNG

and next door it’s Liu Wen

you know you are so deeply

intoxicated with someone that

you can actually stood at

the middle of a busy road to actually

snap her photo and

this is my second time doing so

right at this spot

Liu Wen X Espirit X Denim


the last stop was

quite a surprise, in fact

we bought a luggage

technically I talked my sister into

buying my preferred brand


she asked if I am bringing any luggage

I said no I am not

I never bring any

unless it’s a short-term stay-over

she said I am crazy


yet I managed to persuade her to

buy an American Tourister

which I kinda like

ever since I came across their TVC

years and years ago

not knowing the brand back then

I thought it was an airline ad, you see

American Tourister The World is Calling - LondonAmerican Tourister The World is Calling - HawaiiAmerican Tourister Take on the World鐣鍙嬭皧澶у帵(630脳960)


and my policy is simple

when it comes to a variety of brands

go for the one which specializes

in the particular product


the promoter was kinda new

he wasn’t even promoting

so I was the one doing

the comparison and calculation

because yeah

I am gonna get my sis to

buy the brand I prefer

although I am not buying one

30% off..

which is quite a good deal for AT

American Tourister luggages


some other brands may be

shouting for 50%, 70%

but no..

I am getting my sister to buy AT


she wanted red because

it’s striking

between the two

the other one claimed to have

maximum volume like 30% more

so we were actually comparing

how true is that

so she ended up buying it

American Tourister luggages


the series actually comes in 3 colours

but red was the only one left here

and she decided to for the largest

the funny thing with luggage is

the price difference between

the M and L sized are usually not that much

as if they would really want you to up size

this blue is pretty neat, I know right

American Tourister SS Maximum Volume Plus (MV )


loots of the day

Adventure Time Canvas Slip-ons


and looked like this little fellow

likes it and it fits him very well

that marks our third pair of sneakers 

which means I am heading back tomorrow to

get another pair as gift

Adventure Time Canvas Slip-ons


made to do this

with BBQ sauce from his BK

Adventure Time Canvas Slip-ons


yeah I did work after I came back

started work at 8:00 pm

called it a day at 2:00 am

managed to finish one tough project

and proceeded to another one

which was much more easier


let’s see

8:30 – 10:00 am

12 noon – 1:30 pm

8:00 pm – 2:00 am


okay I did work

for 3+6 hours on a Monday

on top of the shopping spree


btw this is my first

marketing survey report of the year

I mean that’s way too late but

never too late to reignite

whatever within me


until then

good night

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