Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unlike a Kite X Doesn't Aim High: Half Way Along The Ride

For the first time in 5 weeks
Oh yeah how time flies
This is my 6th week with the company

My mom is asking me to go home
Instead of the dorm
Since the journey takes roughly
the same duration


I am more than half way through
If you see the 9 weeks
Like a roller coaster ride
Means I have already hit the peak
Now it's the time
To take it slow
In enjoying the ride
Till the day of completion

And this Fri is another public holiday
Last Thursday was one
Yesterday was another

Oh man
But of course
Owing to the PHs
I have to work like a dog
During the 3 days week

And what I did during the long weekend
Is properly sleeping napping loitering dreaming on the bed
Like no tomorrow

Feb is good
2 days off for Lunar New Year
And suddenly
It makes such great significance that
Feb has only got 28 days

I know I sound like a lazy bump
Those that do nothing in the office

I am a not to say dedicated
But I am that kind who doesn't
Give any troubles to my boss
But can definitely help them to solve theirs

If there happens to be
Not too much problem
On that day
Well it rarely does occur
Then I will solve the current one in hands
Without the turbo acceleration mode

My colleague opposite
He has this quote
Which I have to clap my hands

Once he said
Wow u are hardworking
But your Boss is not in

Works go on, i told him
and he said: quite true
but at least she is not here to "disturb" you

I like the job
No my nose is not growing any longer
I wish it does sometimes
Flatness, chubbiness are
How it looks like now

It's the 5 hours traveling that kills
So in between dorm and home
I picks home
Since it's safer, way safer
And I need not worry about
What's there for dinner

Home is the slurrp haven
No matter what time
There's definitely something hot
from the stove
Ready to be served

Oh man
I hope mom is not cooking rice today

I have this white rice phobia
Fried rice / flavored rice is fine
So badly that
Since the noodle queue is long
And the Indian breads are not ready baked

I had waffle for lunch today
Yum yum
Blueberry X Apple..
With the real fruit bits

Waffles for lunch
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