Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Diary X Lil Office Lady: Positivity

01 Traveling

Ceased going home

Until today, ie a Friday

Been traveling to and fro dorm


Or else my family is preparing to

send me to a random home of a friend

who got a bro-in-law or some one

happen to work in the same company

So that he can give me a lift everyday


No I would rather travel five hours per day

Than to bunk in with people

I don't even know

You can call me an anti-socialist


Yesterday the bus screwed again

Waited from six ten to seven

Finally a cab came to my rescue



Cab + two trains is so much comfortable

Than the daily 8-buses trips

under such traffic condition

usual routine


Unless I can afford to flunk

Fifty bucks everyday

or else which would be my routine


found out from the usual mr. driver

Thurs is his off-day

so he did not know what goes wrong

so probably can expect the same situation next week


02 Boss

But the cab ride is worth it

Because I bumped into my boss

Right in front of the entrance


Our first non-official conversation

And I sort of came to her rescue

Because she somehow did not have her entrance tag with her


Not that I wanna suck up

But oh yeah

Building a good relationship with your superior is

the first and foremost thing to do

Or else you gonna get a hard time


03 office politics

Yes I guess

Inter relationship issue is

Much bigger an issue

Than the work itself


and the guy sitting opposite my desk

Was telling me

He has seen a lot

Since we are sitting right outside the boss office

I get what he means


He was saying that

sometimes when they are stress

Just bear with it

The attitude or things of that sort


Such a nice neighbour

He is

i am surrounded by neighbours

from TV production side


So far so good

Nobody has been giving me

a hard time or whatsoever


And of course

I am trying to do my part

The best I can


04 fellow commuters

peer support is something

that gives the extra boost everyday


I finally talked to the girls

One of them

Who I always bumped into at the dorm

6 in the morning, 9 in the evening

On the same bus


Both are doing attachment as well

At two different places

Ironically one is working at a company

Like 15km away

But still 4 buses journey

Is not avoidable


So I am not that bad after all

At least I travel on a four days basis

They are Indonesian

Can't possibly be going home

As a getaway on weekends


05 reflection

it doesn’t feel that bad

when you see there are others out there

going through the same thing


other than the two girls

Basically 6am bus is always filled up

those travelling to work too

also students heading to school


Yeah I used to wake up at 5 am

To finish my Maths or to do revision

And tuition classes went on

As late as 10 pm


Therefore basically

There's nothing to complain about

it’s something I have undergone


Moreover sleeping around eleven

Is supposedly the right routine to go


Since I can always catch a quick nap In the bus

five hour sleep is more than enough


every night done showering at 10

i can only choose one thing i would like to do the most

choose one

  • novel reading
  • blogging
  • housekeeping


06 cooking

cooking a proper dinner

i mean a dupper

is kinda impossible


and i would have starve to dead

waiting for my precious potato

come to boil


The other night

Came back to an empty dorm

So excitedly boiled some water

after cleaning up the stove


what the heck, the stove

did it just snow here during the winter



Coming to realize

I don't have anything to cook

Seriously nothing

Not even the always abundant supply of Potato

It's ok


Finally cooked my first meal in 2013

“The London Quick Dinner Fix”

Pasta in mushroom soup

Time spent on preparation

Less than 3 minutes

mushroom soup pasta


I really enjoy such dinner all solo

Rather than a whole table of dishes

With people I don't know


07 wardrobe

Been wearing something pseudo formal

With black skinny and cardigan

I don't have any proper top

It's always tank top or

Tucked in little dress


Little dress on its own is a no no

Traveling in a bus

So packed that I have to use

My huge tote bag to protect myself

From direct skin contact from

The person I mean persons next to me


And sneakers

Since I gonna be here for 8 weeks

Been thinking

Should I wear 8 different pairs

Switching on a weekly basis

Do I own that many pairs?




Speaking of wardrobe

Company custom is

Tee shirt on Friday

Kinda awesome, right

Parents bring their kids in on Friday


And best of all

Office hour is shortened by 30 mins on Fri

and after 4:30 p.m.

running across desks

having the weekly chill-out session

getting a little noisy

is what everyone else is doing


2 weeks are gone

1/4 of my attachment

Six more weeks to go

And i would soon be liberalized


My 5 years old Stan is showing me the blue

And I was already half way composing

Don't think there's autosave function

blue screen


First time blogging from iOS App

then do a little editing after Stan woke up

the next morning


blogging on the go

is maybe something i can start doing

because most of the time

idea is flowing during the long journey

by the time i reach home

soon have

no idea where the idea is

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