Saturday, January 5, 2013

When The Wall Fell X You Gotta Excel: HEAven vs Well

I am promoted after 2 days at work!!


triple jump!!


my boss’s boss

i.e. the big boss’s secretary post

has been vacant

no idea for how long


so basically

I moved to sit

within the distance

she can just call me whenever she needs me


that’s exactly opposite her office

sort of like a part-time secretary


oh man

this is the most strategic seat

among the sea of staffs in the whole office


before and after the “promotion”:

(i) front view

before: a satellite TV which is on from 9-6, with remote control although it’s not in my hand


after: boss’s office, what more should I say


(ii) rare view

before: a partition wall, a managerial level lady sits there, she has got her own TV set.  We are parted by the wall, she can’t exactly see me but I can always see what she’s watching.  Basically I’m a blind spot


and sometimes if she happens to tune in to the same channel as our shared TV, I can watch the muted TV program with subtitle front and listening to audio from another TV right behind


after: well, sea of staffs who I have no idea who they are or what departments are they from


(iii) side view 

before: another fellow rookies, entered 3 days earlier than me, she is kinda cute and the other side is window


after: the entrance and printing area

basically this is the first seat every single person can see

whenever he or she walks in


(iv) entertainment

before: of course the TV, some gossips around especially the bunch of girls nearby, their jobs seem quite stress-free, earphone can be plugged in too


after: no nothing, except a Smurf Village under the monitor which I harvest on hourly basis


(V) job scope

before: pretty much fixed: content-design-for-staff-communication, social-media-feed, digital-monitoring, weekly-TV-program-highlights


after: on top of all of the above, what a secretary normally does, i.e.: emails, phone calls, coffee, newspapers, etc.


well surrounded!!

just like a well

and my bosses can pop in to check out

basically everyone in the department are above me

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