Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look X If Life's Book: I Must Be The Emo Crook

Doing flight arrangement for boss

Is part and parcel of a secretary's job

No doubt about that


Looking at the price they are booking at

flying to East Malaysia

2 days 1 night business trip


Oh my

That is the kind of price

I would expect myself paying

For the flight ticket

Of a week of vacation abroad

With the low cost airline


Life is


Surveying buffet dinner

For your boss

During lunar new year

Is well more of the job of a PA

Yup that's me too


Oh my

the price per pax

And they always come with this +++ sign


It Is like the price

I would rather pay

For a pair of low cost flight ticket

Booked frenziedly during the midnight rush for a

short distance vacation abroad

Feasting on local delies

From roadside stall


Well life is


That's why

My dear street child

You will never ever become a boss


Someone who only asks for

going home at 6 everyday

6:00+++ is a no no


Someone who only asks for

The buses to stay good

So that she can reach home

And to the maximum

does one thing

That she enjoys doing


Someone who is so accustomed to the jam that

She actually asks for

A heavier traffic jam

So that she can catch a longer nap

In the bus


Someone who asks for the cars

to go slow with her mere hand

So that she can cross the road safely

To catch her next bus


How stupid to have laughed at

People who risk their life running across

The road, being oblivious to the

Fly over pedestrian bridge

Now that I am one of these

Ignorant risk taker


Someone who constantly asks for

more public holidays

best if it falls on a Monday or Friday


Someone who asks for

More cookies.crackers.cereal to

go on promotion

So that she can continuously stock up

And non stop munching


Someone who asks for

The rain to stop by 6

Because she always brings umbrella on a wrong day


Someone who asks for

A good night sleep

In order to wake up sharp at 5 am


Someone who asks for works

To flood in on Mid of the week

And work exceptionally hard

On a Thursday afternoon

So that she can shout

Hands off, My Friday is mine


Someone who asks for

The neighbors' dog, contractors,

Visiting relatives, babies

Whatever they have with them

To switch on their silent mode

So that she can sleeps her head off

On a nap of necessity

on a Saturday afternoon


Someone who asks for

A favour from the newspaper boy

Did not randomly throw the newspapers

And it landed on pool of water

Because Sunday is the only day

She could enjoy reading breakfast paper


And the Sunday Features

Whatever it's

Tourism food culture heritage movies music

Makes her feel pretty great


Someone who asks for

No visitor or no going out signboard

So that she can wears her favorite

Cartoon tank top and Nike shorts

All day long on weekend


someone who asks for a smooth day ahead

that’s all she is asking for

messy table after a day away

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