Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bit Worry X Plus Guilty: Ended Fine,February

it was that kind of dilemma

- wanted to totally enjoy travelling

- yet it feels scary not to get email


so i prepared for the worst

- 2 trips during early, mid Feb

- Lunar New Year break

- shortest month of the year


but it turned out well

the month started at Sihanoukville

it was that kind of

no itinerary just chilling trip

with the bff who understands

how i work


so i wasn’t really worried

of course there were days that

i woke up super early

like 4, 5, 6 AM

at different locations


just to get work done

before we start the day

it was hard seriously

given the rain


but thank goodness

since there was zero

activity in the evening

got to sleep really early


so lack of sleep was

stricken out of my

post vacation blues


i nevertheless slept

quite a lot after

the trip


got to work by the beach

so really close

Long Set Resort, i sort of forgot the name of the island, damn


workload was pretty


but i managed to

finish the tougher part

on this very island


before i settled the

other easier, yet

large volume task

respectively at

- another hotel at Serendipity beach

- pool side of that hotel

- Sihanouk airport

- KLIA 2

- home


was stranded at KLIA 2

for at least 3 hours

as bus ticket back home

was sold out


so instead of loitering

i actually worked for 3 hours

until my laptop was

out of battery


and rewarded myself with

2-3 episodes of

Chinese espionage series

during the bus journey


that was early February

mid February was kinda plain

stuck in post vacation blues

and pre occasion anxiety


you have no idea

how much do i want to

get away during Lunar New Year


this year it’s finally happening

but it was a mid approach

at least i stayed at home

until 11 PM on Day 1 of

Lunar New Year


playing the role of

the anti-social yet

hospitable host at home


and caught a flight to

Kaohsiung early morning on

Day 2 of Lunar New Year


it was a good choice to

choose Tainan as our destination

found out later from stats on TV

that apparently

it’s a popular choice

with folks from the North (Taipei)

for Lunar New Year celebration


was less busy during this trip

at least during the first two days

as i flew on a Saturday and

it was Lunar New Year still


so for now

i am trying to

arrange flights during weekends

at least for the next two trips


so that i can reduce the chance of

missing important emails

and busy dealing with emails

once i touch down at a new city


and i get a good night sleep

while getting rid of jet lag

or whatsoever before

restarting the work+travel pace


in other words

flying on weekends means

forgoing cheaper weekday rate

which i think is fair enough


came back a week later

on the 24th

had a pretty busy week

and poooof

soon February was over

(with a pat on the shoulder)


and 2 months without shopping

and still going strong


March on

up next



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