Thursday, February 1, 2018

T-G-I-Over X Time to Move On: Goodbye January

Day 2 in Sihanoukville

started the day early at 5AM

which means that

i actually managed to sleep

super duper early yesterday


that kind of cozy raining morning

which takes a lot of determination

even just to wake up

cozy little balcony, facing the common garden


and by 7:30 AM

two jobs submitted

invoices submitted

cozy little balcony, facing the common garden


let’s talk about January then

it has been better than imagined

have been stuck in this

super demotivated mood


staying up late for nothing

watching old series non-stop

lazing around for hours


yet under the provisions that

all work is being submitted on time


sales turned out not bad

however being stuck in a

seriously poor state right now

due to USD depreciation


but yeah

thanks to the financial crunch

new achievement unlocked

one month shopping free

both online and offline


and allow me to repeat

i am only 1/6 through the journey

of a 6 month shopping free pledge


this trip comes in time

to save me from my

lazy mood which persisted

since last December


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