Monday, April 17, 2017

1st Purchase X from Zalora: Hi Emma

Last Tuesday

was casually browsing

my telco app and found this

Umobile Rewards X Zalora


Zalora and/or Lazada

are the sites we vow

we will never shop from

we as in me and

an ex colleague a.k.a.

a shopping partner in crime


because we refused to be

associated with a brand that

our least favorite colleague

shopped from frequently


and 3 years later

i broke the vow

oops i am yet to tell him

but who knows

he could have bought

from Zalora long time ago

before I did


a couple of weeks ago

i was looking at Radley

Excuses, Excuses! X Ray of Sunshine: To or Not to Buy?


then i was busy

then i was away


sorry Radley dog

next time maybe


then i spotted this on Zalora

Fossil Emma RFID smartphone wristlet



i just want something

handy, durable, mid-sized

this is good enough

as i don’t have that many

cards and cash anyway

and i can actually tuck in

some note$ in that phone slot

Fossil Emma RFID smartphone wristletFossil Emma RFID smartphone wristlet


the bigger your bag/wallet gets

the more trash gets accumulated

*hands down* if you agree


and a coin slot

that’s pretty important

(i) to ransack for coin

(ii) to throw in changes



i actually find Zalora app

quite user-friendly

and it has a really

simple yet “professional” look

Zalora app


although the wait and delay

was kinda letting me down

Zalora app

alright being far away from the city

my “manager” who ordered something

on the same day managed to get


Zalora app


what Ninja?

1 week is a little too slow

Zalora X Ninja Van


then i found out Ninja Van is actually

the name of a courier company

but the guy who delivered

actually came in a normal private car

without any label

except a red vest which reads Ninja Van

Zalora X Ninja Van


loot review

Fossil Emma RFID Smartphone wristletFossil Emma RFID Smartphone wristletFossil Emma RFID Smartphone wristlet


yeah!! just right

Fossil Emma RFID Smartphone wristlet


thank goodness

it fits nicely to this

mini sling bag of mine

or it would have defected

the whole purpose of

getting a new wallet



RFID protected as explained

the lining is supposed to protect

your cards from unwarranted scanning

wait.. this is actually a disclaimer

Fossil RFID Protected

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