Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Journey to Wudang 02: Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀

was hesitating if

i should lump the attractions together

with a quick overview


or do a quick individual post

for every place as

i doubt i’ll come back again

who knows…


Prince’s Slope 太子坡

Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀


the name:

Princes are sent here for

“further studies” during

the Ming dynasty


as seen from the picture above

the entrance is actually a slope

as it is built following the

nature slope of the mountain


that’s what Taoism is about

(according to me)

live in/with/by nature


the official name of

the temple is

Quanzhenguan 全真觀


i was suddenly proud that

i am able to remember the name

after almost one month later

until I googled it



Quanzhenguan is the one

at Qingcheng Mountain 青城山

somewhere near Chengdu


the official name of

the temple is

複真觀 Fuzhenguan

i.e. Fuzhen Taoist Temple


what’s cool about it:

the choice of colors and the architecture

are Royal-exclusive

resembling those found in

the Forbidden City and

the Summer Palace


what I really like about it:

they have kept

the building intact

in spite of the

chipping paints


you have no idea

how much i appreciate it


it’s like

seeing a make-up free face

with a natural skin tone

despite the flaws


instead of covered in

layers of thick make-up

which smells chemical-like



Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀


and the slope actually

looks different

every time you look back

from a different angle

Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀



glad that i finally decided

to split the attractions

instead of lumping them all

into one post


i might wanna come back here again

who knows….


i actually got

very strange ideas about

Mount Wudang after my visit

to the Prince’s Slope


this place actually

makes quite a good location

for couple/wedding shots



from an advocate of bachelorism?



this is a backdated post

posted on 5/5/2017 12:04 AM

so that all the Wudang posts

are next to each other


more than a week delay

since i uploaded the first post

on 25/4/2017

what have I been doing then

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