Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shift Dress X Plain Blouse: More Black in the House

my camera was kinda bad

I am not sure what’s going on

probably it’s a hint to

*sorry I wouldn’t wanna hurt

the feeling of my dear phone*

and before you know it

he will boycott and..


spotted a pretty simple

black long sleeve blouse

you know what

I recently discovered

I only have a long sleeve blouse

and it was being worn

almost every single week


and I have to ration

let’s say I have an event

in five days time which

requires a formal blouse then

I would wear it for

the few days to come



no I don’t wear Havaianas at work

I wore it to work 

no I do wear them at work, in fact

another pair of black one

underneath my desk when

I feel like taking off my heels

pink!! no it wasn't pink, that's fushia


always took interest in

black blazer of Dorothy Perkins

yet blazer is always a flop for me

no exception for this one

but hey now that I am looking tat the photo

maybe it is not that bad after all

it is just that it doesn’t

go with my dress of the day

never ever a blazer


a shift dress

have been wanting to

look for something of that collar

saw this, I think

or similar one at Mango the other day

but was too lazy to try it out

since I was in jeans and sneakers

Mango shift dress


and one really awesome feature is that

it is quite thin

therefore can be tucked in, knotted

or whichever way to turn it into

a sleeveless blouse

dress turned blouse


loots of the day


I thought the pair of GEOX loafers

last month

loafers?? where?

would be my final shopping of the year


I managed well for 30 days

and during the few last hours

I finally broke the vow

damn it


loots of the day

Dorothy Perkins

plain black blouse

Dorothy Perkins black blouse



plain black shift dress

Mango plain shift dress


happy new year

cropped away

perfectly horrible looking face

looking horrible :(

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