Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Nick & Amy X Taught Me about Relationship: 《Gone Girl》 Revisit

caught 《Gone Girl》 in

theatre last week


it was somehow delayed

but late is better than never

because initially they said

the movie is being banned

what the heck


so it has almost been a week

there is something that caught me

but I can’t properly explain

what that was until


it snapped me this morning

finally able to put it down

in proper words


it is about this part

which I failed to capture in novel

perhaps because I was too

engrossed in the story line

the crime, the ups & downs


it is towards the end of the movie

where there is a summary

about the whole relationship

between Nick and Amy


whereby Nick is looking for a cool girl

and Amy is going after an exciting guy

who can save her from the

deadly mundane life of hers


so they met each other and fell in love

since both are quite alone

and coincidently

both happened to be writers


on top of that

hey this is not too bad since

we have found the right person

who we always want to be with:

the cool girl vs the cute guy


so the situation here is

falling in love with someone

simply because you feel that

the person is capable of becoming

the ideal partner you always

wanna be together with


so the relationship is

basically founded on

idealism and fallacy

and things fall apart


as time goes on

the “true colours” of the partner

becomes more discernable


yeah.. c’mon

she is not ALWAYS the cool girl as

you would have imagined and


no way, girl

there’s no way that

he gonna save you from dead boredom

because his ideal weekend is

“series marathon in boxer”


and you actually can’t 

shape each other

into the partner you idolize

there is when things start to

tear apart


so here comes the question:


Option one:

are you willing to accept

the imperfect partner

although he doesn’t fit your

criteria of being the mister right


Option two:

or you would rather wait for

someone who

fits in the description better?


my take would always be the first

since hey man

it doesn’t mean that

you gonna be stuck together forever

once you start dating each other


and every relationship

is making its mark

whether it turns good or bad

you learn through the process


but it has been quite

a long and tiring journey

after all


I don’t even know

who I really wanna be with


and I even starting to

define my future partner in a

denial/negative tone


as long as he is not too ugly

as long as he is not too boring

as long as he is not too annoying

and so on and so forth


but who is he?

let’s see, who next


in the morning

I told a friend that

maybe I just gonna go slow

but no, not really

slow game is never for me


as I always believe in

love at first, second, third sight


beyond that

it is a crashed case


speaking from the point of view

of a “goon girl” who just

survived another crash game

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