Thursday, January 1, 2015

KKBOX X 樂人Live: 李榮浩


Lee Young Ho / Li Rong Hao


his Weibo account is

registered as the former

but in music videos

released by Warner

they used the latter


doesn’t matter

I am officially adding that tag

because I think I will have

loads more to blog about the boy


he is cute

exceptionally cute for

a boy with small eyes


his piercing

his white sneakers

his silver necklace

even his Beijing accent


okay let’s be honest

I am quite addicted to him


I tuned into the Taipei new year countdown

disappointed that I didn’t

manage to catch him

thank goodness they uploaded

like quite immediately on the official site



check out a live section

he did for KKBOX

Preview / 李榮浩@ KKBOX X 樂人


Interview / 李榮浩@ KKBOX X 樂人


不搭 / 李榮浩@ KKBOX X 樂人


自拍 / 李榮浩@ KKBOX X 樂人

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