Thursday, December 25, 2014

All I Need X is Some Sleep: This X’mas Eve

there are loads of things

I have completed

like never before


I gave away a favorite tee

as Christmas gift

but unfortunately

to other’s boyfriend


I made a Christmas card

attached with my favourite choc and

dropped it at my lunch partner’s desk


but unfortunately

he didn’t even

ask me if I wanna hang out or

something of that sort


I sent 100+ greetings

but unfortunately

90% are work contacts

and some are not even

bothered to reply


my bro was laughing so loud

to the jokes he was telling

but unfortunately 

his joke is about me being F.A.


what’s F.A.?

that’s his initial, isn’t it 

but in my case he said is

forever alone


and he didn’t mind if

I want to hang out with him

on Christmas day as

I would be all alone at home


everyone has these lonely moments

so it’s fine for me

damn him!!


I was laughing to his jokes

haha very funny

but unfortunately

there were tears held back


I was off work

slightly earlier after 6

but unfortunately

there’s nothing much to do


so I went for grocery shopping

on a Christmas’s eve

bought tonnes of food


and started munching cookies

on my way home because

I was already almost starving

being half asleep on the bus


got home by 9 something

probably the cookies

had keep me full


so I fucking did one thing

which I always wanted to do

throughout the year

which is to


head straight to bed

without shower and etc

with my working dress and

make up on


I woke up in the middle of the night

after 12

maybe it was time to go wash up


yet all I did was

changing the LBD into a tank top

at least I did, right?


and grabbed the

half pack of cookies

munched them all in bed

and fell back to sleep



life goes on today

after a really good night sleep

woke up early to mop the floor

continue to work on my survey translation

and have more naps in between


last Christmas

I wanted to travel the world

this Christmas, I am all shattered

Merry Christmas, folk!

Merry Christmas / last year at Kee Lung

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