Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shawnie X Kary: Simply Lovely

When Shawn was directing the MV 《人非草木》

For Kary last Oct


I actually discussed with Mag Mag

They should be together

And I even googled for Kary bf

To find out that there is this

"Prince of Tennis" guy

With whom she was spending

A beach vacation with

In Malaysia


Okay fine

Shawn has to work harder then


And I kept insisting that

If Shawn and Eddie still

Couldn't find respective GFs

Then they should be together


Lol Mag did not like the idea

Because unlike me

she is a fan of Ed

But not both Shawnie & Eddie


Shawn 余文樂 X Kary 吳雨霏

Until this news came into being

Oh my I did not know

Until the comment fights on Instagram

There are pro Kary and anti Kary

And some are neutral


I am in the middle of

Neutral and pro Kary

Because I like her too


Her style, her song and her subtle-ness

And I have been following her

Since the era of Cookies, Ping Pung

And Kary X Hardpack

Also, her first movie character in

Love at Fist Note with Justin Lo


Loads love and best wishes

No matter how true and how reliable

the news are


Media well media

You see

they actually cropped photos

From the past

To make the photos look as if

It's just Shawn and Kary

Shawn 余文樂 X Kary 吳雨霏




Shawn 余文樂 X Kary 吳雨霏

Shawn 余文樂 X Kary 吳雨霏










And the funny thing is

He uploaded a photo of Statute

I think it's London downtown

Near Marble Arch


Probably because

there are many comments

Of Him and Kary

Since there is coverage of

People bumping into them at Heathrow


And hours later

he deleted the photos away

The comments were way too scary

Elevated into issue about

Identity issue of HK vs mainland etc etc

Oh my


But since it auto feed to FB

It's still around on FB

but no longer on Instagram

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