Monday, February 11, 2013

Greedy Kid X Mischievous Deed: Stalking Mr. Read

Stalking is something I do the best

Let it be digital or physical


Bumped into this guy

Few weeks back

He was wearing a check

In red or green


Can't exactly remember

Not my first choice of colour

But he still looked quite good


And he was reading a book

My, you don't see much guys or girls

Reading a book while waiting for bus

He must either be a backpacker

Or old gentleman


But he is neither.. Nor

And still reading a book

A solid book, not ebook on device


I was almost hoping

He was supposed to board the same bus

No he did not

He left for the same destination

15 minutes earlier


It's okay

At least I found out

We may be coming

from the same place


Friday night

Expected a fully seated bus

Given the long weekend

But the seat beside me was

Actually empty


And best of all

There he was

Sitting right across


Somehow I am pretty sure

It's the same boy


I actually had some good time

Observing him

Neither was he on earphone

Nor playing games or browsing SNS


He was browsing something full of word

Email or news feed

I mean news feed literally NEWS

Not the one on your Facebook


Caught a good glimpse

Since I was right behind him in the queue

While alighting the bus

What watch he wore

What kind of clothes material

Which finger does he wear a ring


I googled for it

The finger in between thumb and middle

It means singlehood



That's the best conclusion of the mission


The only flaw I found

How come he is using a S phone

Instead of an I


I named all the boys I stalked after

something they wear or do

Let's name him Mr. Read


Somehow stalking gives a

Sense of satisfaction

Which I am addicted to


May have looked at your target

For hours for days and even years

From head to toe

and he doesn't even know if

You exist


That kind of "inequality"

And imbalance power of knowledge

Was kinda fun


I even have his photo


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