Sunday, February 10, 2013

Frenzy Mopper X Trash Reaper: Only On New Year

Day one of lunar new year

As usual, took out the first shirt I found

From the cartoon tee drawer


Because mom was saying

The tank top I am wearing is kinda

Inappropriate, given that

My house will be flooded with folks

Whatever it is


Not even bothered to

change into contact lens

Come on it's a Sunday


Lunar new year is kinda significant to me

Because it's actually

The day I mopped the floor the most

Throughout the year


Five rounds at least

After every group of folk left

Because the floor got sticky

And it's still sticky after the five rounds


And my mom is the last few

Who insists on serving home beverage

In glasses, and also home made dessert

So can imagine the piles to clear


Meet my new found friend

But can't use it for day one, still

Respecting the old tradition of

Keeping the broom away


A cordless vacuum cleaner

And can be detached to be a

Really portable hand piece

For the door railing

I am not able to clean for ages


Dad woke me up from nap after 8

I was like startled from a long dream

"huh time to go work??"


Time to mop the floor another round

Before I can resume some

Interacting with my new toy again



Don't you think that

His colour

is way too "Iron-man"

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