Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh Dear X He's Here: #2 of CNYear

We have this tradition

On the day two of Lunar New Year


We would go loitering at mall

Contrasting the busy period

Before New Year

Plus the peak during day one


There we were sitting on a bench

Scooping ice cream and


At the outdoor yard


Then dad suggested to

Move over to the other bench

Because the lights were kinda bright

Not exactly that "romantic" for us


let's move

There I was walking across

And settled myself down

With our tube of ice cream


Then there he came walking

Melvin Lim


Proudly announce

I bumped into Melvin Lim


I did not stalk him

Walking exceptionally slow

Outside his work place


He must have come from a

Puffing session

It isn't look that great

To bump into your "teenage dream"

hugging a tube of ice cream

With perhaps trace of choc

Around the lips


6 years..

He may be married with children already


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