Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Bye X Do As Told: Learn to Say No!!

taken from Zen Habits

to celebrate my two courageous refusals today

Why We Find It Hard To Say “No”

  • You want to help where possible, even if it may eat into your time.

  • Afraid of being rude, especially to people who are more senior, is rude.

  • Wanting to be agreeable, don’t want to alienate yourself from the group

  • Fear of conflict, might lead to an ugly confrontation.

  • Fear of lost opportunities, is worried saying no means closing doors.

  • Not burning bridges, might lead to bridges being burned and relationships severed.

  • At the end of the day, it’s about how you say “no”,

    rather than the fact you’re saying no,

    that affects the outcome.


    7 Simple Ways To Say “No”

    “I can’t commit to this as I have other priorities at the moment.”

    “Now’s not a good time as I’m in the middle of _. How about we reconnect at X time?”

    “I’d love to do this, but …”
    “Let me think about it first and I’ll get back to you.”

    “This doesn’t meet my needs now but I’ll be sure to keep you in mind.”

    “I’m not the best person to help on this. Why don’t you try X?”

    “No, I can’t.”

    After all, you have your own priorities and needs,

    just like everyone has his/her own needs.

    Saying no is about respecting and valuing

    your time and space.

    Say no is your prerogative.

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