Monday, May 30, 2016

Hi Scooby X Then Snoopy: Vintageholic Flea Market

so on the way to the new flea market

we just dropped by the old one actually

and after meeting Scooby in his Time Machine

Scooby Doo X VW Camper Time Machine


here we are..

it’s renovated from an old warehouse

along the river

behind Discovery café

Melaka River cruise, along Bunga Raya Road


every weekend 10 AM to 5 PM

it has quite a lot to offer as

there are different vendors

some with their own stores elsewhere

Vintageholic Collectible & Shop, MalaccaVintageholic Collectible & Shop, MalaccaVintageholic Collectible & Shop, Malacca


and my dad found this

Snoopy x McDonald's


upon a quick conversation with the owner

that’s shop with the 6 feet tall Ultraman

we actually passed by and wondered why

was it closed today and there he was

it took me quite long to ransack

picking those missing from my collection

and filtering out the one with

not really good quality

Snoopy x McDonald's


loots of the day

anyway i gave up

a Malaysian Snoopy wearing a Hibiscus tee

and a Singaporean Snoopy wearing a Merlion tee

due to “quality issue”

Snoopy x McDonald's


1989/1990 version Olaf

almost as old as I am

my dad asked why has Snoopy grown fat

I don’t actually own any toys

depicting the siblings of Snoopy

this is actually my very first

anyway i gave up a Belle due to

“quality issue”

Snoopy x McDonald's: Olaf


i wasn’t considering them

until i found that they actually made

a complete transport set

Snoopy x McDonald's: Transport


the other transport set i was

trying very hard to complete is

the XL bobblehead set

no luck here today

the bullet train (how would I know the speed)

and the airplane are missing

Mcdonald Snoopy transport


the others

Snoopy x McDonald's: 50th AnniversaryMcDonald's The Lion Kingunidentified, probably Nemo, no McDonald's logo


a free gift

my dad picked this

Ronald McDonald


on top of a bulk discount

(12 for the price of 10)

and a 5 MYR total discount


frankly speaking if

i am the one paying

i would be happily leaving

without any of the above


anyway few weeks ago

i got another one

from the old open-aired flea market

near Geographer’s Café



and on the way there

bumping into this

it seemed that is into business now

one of these days

shall definitely drop by

BELGE CAFE, Herren Street, Malacca, Tintin X Blue LanternBELGE CAFE, Herren Street, Malacca, Tintin X Blue Lantern


that pretty much sums up

my typical Sunday morning with my dad

the one with my mom

is a completely different side

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