Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lombok Weekend 04: Kuta & Tanjung Aan

final day at Lombok

our flight was in the evening

around 7:00 PM


yet we checked out by 9 AM

as one of the gangs

was flying at 12:00 PM


therefore we checked out together

sent her off to the airport

before we headed southward


had a pretty relaxing lunch at Kuta

one of those small places

overlooking the beach

the road was so quiet


yet there were quite some

ladies selling their local souvenirs

the driver warned us to stay away

as they will flood you in a flock

i felt bad actually


occasionally there were some

surfers riding past the road

with surf boards on their bikes

Kuta & Tanjung Aan


looking really home-cooked like

the fries were home-made

Kuta & Tanjung Aan


and headed to Tanjung Aan

not much of frolicking as

we were in the ready-to-board apparel

Kuta & Tanjung AanDSCF4679Kuta & Tanjung Aan


all we did was to

hang around the beach

there was a little hut in the middle

like the locals

Kuta & Tanjung Aan


ended the Lombok weekend

chilling at a café in the airport

pure chatting as there’s no Wi-Fi

in a way, it’s good

as once we touched down

we were heading off

in different directionsTeh botol


it’s a group chat on

Facebook and/or Whatsapp

which keep us going



Carly & the Unicorns


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Lombok Weekend 04: Kuta & Tanjung Aan

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