Thursday, May 5, 2016

Working like a Dog X Makes me Sleep Better: April Shower

kicked start April

as a really busy season

all the way until the very last week


they have been good to me

knowing that it was my birthday week

I almost had the whole week off

all the way until the long weekend

for Labour Day / Bank Holiday was over


i spent the long weekend

taking walks and naps

which I have missed during the peak season


new achievements unlocked:

(1) First project done with a proper timeline

as it was seriously under a really tight deadline

I drafted a planned timeline in Excel

then was lacking behind as

I took the first weekend off and

was dealing with other projects


therefore was split between

this major project and the rest

which were equally on tight deadlines

until i managed to catch up after

a night of staying up until 3 AM

i have not done that for long


my simple time tracking columns go:

  • day # _
  • planned words as of day # _
  • time spent
  • segments covered
  • word count

out of those, I calculated:

  • average word count per hour
  • total word left
  • average word to be covered daily


(2) The great feeling of

hitting the deadline right on time


it did happen before but somehow

11:59 PM on a Sunday is especially odd

yet not uncommon


was trying really hard to beat it

as missing the deadline means

you landed late on a next working week

it makes sense right?


and it felt like Cinderella

to submit the work by 11:55 PM

on a Sunday night


(3) My very first time

realizing the ideal freelancer’s life of

working in a café with a cup of coffee


technically speaking

that’s a fast food store instead of a café and

I had tea instead of coffee being intolerant

yet everyone idealizes that’s how

a freelancer should work

McDonald's Breakfast


i have worked in the airport YES

i have worked in the plane YES

yet this is my very first time

being the ideal freelancer

simply because my Internet

back home was down


i dropped by the center to check out

and the person said it was still under repair

and they had received several reports too

well.. thank goodness it wasn’t my problem


yet as we were back home

hey look, the Internet was back in order



(4) The highest monthly sale ever

it was way above my rough estimation

hard work does pay

yet i wasn’t in mood for a self reward

although i had a valid excuse since

it was my birthday month



getting used to the life of

being a grown-up

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