Thursday, May 5, 2016

Santorini X Aegean Sea: Baby Blue Purse

have been wanting to replace my purse

i have been using a hand me down

because I don’t really mind about purse

seriously because as they say

what matters more is the content


well not that I am loaded

i think that the least attention

you care about a thing

the less likely you will lose it


after losing my Snoopy pouch

in Chengdu last June

Ouch.. X My Snoopy Pouch: Lost & Never Found


i randomly picked up a

medium purse i found back home

and from a travel pouch

it has been promoted to

my daily purse + travel pouch as

it was really handy

vintage purse


since then

i fell in love with purse of such design

without much compartments

there was another hidden zipped compartment

where my thumb was

vintage purse


the only con I could think of

if you really want me to name one is

there’s no card slot as

people of that generation

used no card at all


yet being a rough user

it got torn at the sides

well this is something I inherited

from my Grandma

and i definitely would like to

keep it for a longer time instead of

destroying it right now


i checked out a few

Fjrallraven, Radley, Fossil

nothing really hit me as

yup, would definitely want it


until yesterday

Aegean Sea X Santorini purseAegean Sea X Santorini purse


and it was actually from a

D-I-Y store which sells everything

we dropped by to buy book stand, actually

Aegean Sea X Santorini purseAegean Sea X Santorini purse



it costs me 6.50 MYR

and i gladly let my dad to buy it for me


how funny was it

was about to spend 189 MYR for a

Fossil Sydney Mini the day before

yet my mom said NO

how sad when you can’t even

spend your hard earn money

but i would thank her now

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