Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb X 29th: Leap Year’s Resolution


4:00 AM



Feb 29, 2016



Living Asia Resort, Lombok


What’s Next:

Breakfast by the Sea at 8:00 AM

Gili Island Hopping at 9:00 AM


What’s Previous:

Just completed a 12k word medical survey

everyone was asleep long time ago

i could hear the sea in

this air-conned space

since it is damn quiet


What’s for Now:

Heading to bed soon

Slept for 2 hours yesterday

and have been doing so for

the past one week


What’s in Mind:

He reminded me to

send a good night text

after I am done

and remember to drink some water


15 KM and 13 hours apart

that was what I have been asking for

someone to say goodnight before bed

no matter how early or late it is


i love my life and

you, know who you are

till then,

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