Saturday, February 27, 2016

[Fixed]: iOS Music is Stuck at Launch Page


i was really “amazed”

like the most basic app

is no working


stuck on the launch page

with a background image and

“Music” written on top

and that girl has the

sort of I am pissed off face

iPhone 6S Music app stuck on launch screen


and nothing else

because previously

i was on Spotify

so i didn’t realize until today



haha but really

all you need to do is to

turn on Airplane mode

and re-launch the Music app

then it works


i am really “amazed”

with the minor bugs

i have encountered with my 6S



i couldn’t unlock the phone

swiping all over and it didn’t response

nothing worked

except a restart


and yesterday

the home button wasn’t working

yet the double-tapped was


i was so scared to restart

and i was telling my boy

what if i lost everything in there

he said hang in there

he would still be around


so i performed a restarted

with my eyes closed

thank goodness

it was back to normal


then 15 minutes later

he was quiet for awhile

and he said he did a restart too


i was like what, same issue?

and he said nope

his battery went flat

without realizing lolz

alright fine..



once an iPhone user

forever gonna be one

at least for now


then i got pissed

when the problem reoccurred


okay fine

i am just gonna donwload

another music player

any idea which is the best?



i performed another manual bug fix

i hope i don’t have to

do it the third or fourth time

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