Saturday, February 13, 2016

No Hurry X Take it Easy: JaNUAry

NUA in our Hokkien (Fujian) dialect

literally means to rot / rotten


somewhat similar to HEA in Cantonese

it is something like

you loiter / laze around

doing nothing and

rot your day away


exactly what I am doing right now

basically not sleepy

yet I felt that I have had a long day

since I woke up at 5:30am to

finish up a project due today


well that was partially

how my January was about


hey it's not right

I usually write this post on

the very last day of the month

and gees


half of February is almost gone

and I am writing the backdated

summary post for January


the first half of January

was totally so in the

long weekend cum

post holiday mood since X'mas


since i was given a rather

quiet week to start with

was really not in mood to work


then being crazily in love

talking all the way until 3 am

and waking up at 6:30 am just to

make sure he wakes up to go work


and abruptly falling out

which did give me a heart break

but yet that was the turning point


as i was back on track

and during the same week

got a piece of badly done work

rejected for amendment

which was like

yeah you got it right

adding salt to injury


i vowed that

that would never ever happen

ever again in my life


the silver lining about this

turbulent period was

i am suddenly the healthy me again


sleeping really early

and avoid staying up late


instead I choose to

wake up very early

start the day afresh

as early as 4 or 5 am

with a brand new project


and by 10 am

i am half done

hungrily ready for a proper breakfast


before I head back to work or

ready to head on to

do something else


as the month started off

really quiet indeed


it turned out fine towards

the second half

yet not too busy as

i was able to make time for

some Lunar New Shopping


and even traveled 200km down

for a meet-up with my fellow unicorns

which should have taken place

way longer time ago


gradually sticking to the

healthy bedtime routine

as we are moving into February



February is half gone

soon it would be March


two short vacations

are about to take place

in a month time



for the time being

keep calm and stay focus

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