Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My First X via WeChat: E-Red Packet 數碼紅包

speaking of red packet

i am actually feeling awkward to

receive any after the age of 20+


like seriously

you are a grown up

and yet you are

still receiving red packet


and the other implication is

if you are still receiving

after a certain

"legal age to get marry"

let’s say 25 and above?


it actually means

Something is not right with you

isn't it


and worst of all

two days ago

my cousin of the same age

In fact a couple of months younger

was trying to hand me a red packet


what I did was

to run away from the scene

like literally I ran


and another cousin in law of

the same age

not sure if she is younger

but definitely way more petite in size

is expecting her first child in

two months to come




have been seeing news of

virtual red packet

sent via digital platform


guess what

i got my very first

e-red packet too

2016.02.08 WeChat Red Packet Hong Bao


not that much

just 5.20 RMB


which is like be

less than 1 USD


alright that was my

first thought too


wait a minute


Wo-Ai-Ni 我愛你


literally means I Love You



the person should have given

520 instead of 5.20 i guess



i am a happy girl then

the first ever e-red packet

given over WeChat


and suddenly

the entire e-wallet feature was

being activated

Payment, transfer, card linking etc

2016.02.08 WeChat Wallet


I hope to receive red packet from you

next year and for more years to come

later on that night I replied


thank you for the red packet

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