Monday, February 1, 2016

Bye(Buy) Kitschen X b4 Its Relocation: Wait, What ‘Bout the Other Items?

the other day

i mean ya a few trips down here

items were getting less and lesser

mannequins were not properly set up

thought the shop was going to shut down


the other day

almost two weeks ago

at Kitschen, Mahkota Parade

Kitschen Mahkota Parade


hey it can’t be

this is our favourite since

a long way down the road

and actually found this photo

it was way back during 2010

how time flies, as always

Dec 11, 2010 at Kitschen Melaka


okay that isn’t too bad

as compared to a complete shut down

so the twins brother will be working

under one roof since there’s a merge

between Kitschen and Nichi stores

lolz we can’t help noticing them

Kitschen Mahkota Parade


so we can’t help but to take more selfies

because this could be the last

i mean at this exact spot in this store

Kitschen Mahkota ParadeKitschen Mahkota Parade


and this one

OMG!! that woman

Kitschen Mahkota ParadeKitschen Mahkota Parade


so this is probably

the last loot i bought

from Kitschen before its relocation

a royal blue dress with sheer back

Kitschen Mahkota Parade, Royal blue dressKitschen Mahkota Parade, Royal blue dressKitschen Mahkota Parade, Royal blue dress



i don’t really like the bottom

so gonna do a little modification soon

by turning it into something simpler

Kitschen Mahkota Parade, Royal blue dress


my boy said it isn’t nice


whenever your girlfriend

asks you for opinion

she is actually not really doing so

the best thing is to compliment

that’s the safest thing to do

but if you don’t and

do the totally opposite thing

she is going to buy it anway


and he has been saying

how i should take on/up red colour

Never try, never know


so i did a little experiment

with these two at Padini

Never try, never know


this is actually the plainest and

most non-vibrant piece i can find

in red since it is the

Lunar New Year season

Red dress for Lunar New Year


and there you go

Red dress for Lunar New YearLBD is way better for me


the conclusion is

not to say red is bad yet

it just doesn’t look good on me

i almost bought the LBD though

but will keep in view for the time being


i might be heading back to the mall

like in a couple of hours for

a lovely Monday breakfast


next stop, Cotton On

50% off for the second piece of on-sale item

Cotton On, Melaka


i seriously couldn’t find anything

as i have been shopping quite a lot

from Cotton On, recently

but was lingering on as

my fellow marketing surveyor was

running in and out of the fitting room


and hey i finally found something to buy

with the double mark-down

it is 1/4 of what i paid for

a piece of Wacoal

i paid last week

OMG too much Maths?

in other word

these are really really cheap

and more importantly

pretty comfortable too

Cotton On, bra


as along with the purchase

i am entitled to buy these at 15 MYR each

OMG!! have been eyeing the collection

Mr Men Little Miss X Cotton On: Feat. Lil’ Ms Princess & Mr Strong

Cotton On, Mr Strong and Mr Super Hero tumblers


and this definitely doesn’t work

forget it

Cotton On, Mr Strong backpack


it’s about time to grow some kids

so that I can continue to buy more Vans

as well as the Mr. Strong backpack above

Vans X Disney collection


hello pretty

have forgotten to snap

there’s a red pack with free voucher

with Liu Wen & Choi Siwon on it

along with any purchase at H&M

Liu Wen X Siwon: Seoul It’s About H&M

Liu Wen X H&M


definitely my favourite

window display for this Lunar New Year

along with this one

Shawn Yue X Levi’s: Lunar New Year’16

Shawn Yue X Levi's


OMG this is killing me

Shawn Yue X Levi's



wait a minute

yeah I am wearing the Roshe Run

i have been keeping in view since

Dec 31 last year

Roshe Run X Iguana Tribal Print: Perfect Harmony


when i fall for it since Dec 31

and did not end up buying

since they were out of size

and then found it again on Jan 20

and re-surveyed them again and again

damn you

what’s Nike’s slogan again?

Nike Roshe Run print (Iguana)


not too bad

as i got a 50 MYR cash voucher

unfortunately i not a customer of

that collaborating telco

Sports Empire


so i got my fellow marketing surveyor

i.e. we met on Monday & Sunday in a week

Nike in a New Balance paper bag


a pair of Nike in a New Balance bag

but i got a pair of New Balance socks

simply because they said

if you are claiming the voucher

you have to include a

normal-priced item within the

above 200 MYR purchase



and that was not all

they were pretty demanding indeed

you gonna download an app of the telco

turn on your location service

verify yourself via email

beforey you are entitled to

claim the so-called deal



i got rewarded too

for buying that royal blue dress

right next door yet

from the competitor in yellow

all you need to do is to

flash your homescreen

as a proof that you are a customer



and i just claimed another deal

via Agoda for my hotel booking

all i have to do is to

type in the promo code

which they have sent to my phone

way long time ago


thank you, Digi!!

Digi Rewards

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