Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mr. Gentle X Lil. Miss: Who Cares About Defeat

Pre Awards 3:00p.m.

Yoga Lin FB


23rd Golden Melody Awards,

#1 gorgeous on red carpet


hope that after tonight

can add on

24th Golden Melody Awards,

best male vocal



it’s a must-win!!!


and the other two nominations

《Runaway Mama》 for best music arrangement,

by Skot Suyama


《Captain S.V. 思凡》 for best composer,

by JerryC


Runaway Mama / 林宥嘉



《Back to Wonderland》

is an excellent piece

since only one person can win

I think Khalil won’t mind if

he wins it later


but already prepare for the worst

what if neither.. nor of them win

there are another 3 nominated artists

well then..


I even imagined a chart of different combinations

if the awards go to:

Yoga X G.E.M. – happily ever after

Yoga X Lala – Million-Star Alumni

Khalil X Ellen – HK singer-songwriters

Jay X Jolin – no surprises

Jam X Jolin – another double J, as above 

Xiao Yu X Jia Jia – the black horses

Khalil X Sandy – Jun Kung will be quite glad


the list went on and on

no worries

let’s hope for the best

even if it fall shorts

there’s always a next round right


I won’t be terribly sore

because I have been through

such disappointment years after years


Post Awards 11:23p.m.

Neither Yoga Lin nor Khalil wins

not even Jay

it’s Jam Hsiao


well… it’s alright then


23rd Golden Melody Awards,

#1 gorgeous on red carpet


24th Golden Melody Awards,

#1 cutest couple on red carpet

第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 01第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 02第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 03


in spite of the defeat

so proud of him!!

第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 06第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 04第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 05


第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 08第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 07


the xxxxing musician

a.k.a. most gorgeous on red carpet, 2 years in a row

第24屆流行音樂金曲獎 林宥嘉X鄧紫棋 YogaXGEM 09

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