Sunday, October 1, 2017

First of Oct X It’s His Birthday: Tickets, Yay!!!

since we came back from Foshan

early last month

we have been talking about

another trip to Mainland China real soon


it’s that addictive

but we dilly dally for a couple of weeks

and in between I was away twice

for a couple of days



these two ads appeared

continuously interchangeably relentlessly

on my newsfeed everyday or

should i say almost everytime

whenever I access my Facebook


you can see how

the likes have grown

on 25 September (Mon)

AirAsia Shantou SWAAirAsia Shantou SWA


on October 1 (Sun)

Screenshot_20171001-122354AirAsia Shantou SWA


and on Sept 26 (Tues)

i have actually sat down with

my dad and a monthly calendar

to properly suggest and discuss

over 3 feasible date options

in terms of their respective

price/length/other pros/cons


the usual considerations include

it’s better to fly on weekend

but price is usually higher

and flights on Tues/Thurs

are usually the cheapest


in case you wonder why


but later

the Satur-dates (2 – 9 Dec)

were crossed out as

the price went up further


so we were left with

(5 – 12 Dec) Tues -Tues

(5 – 14 Dec) Tues – Thurs

the latter was slightly cheaper

and they made no difference

in terms of price after

another day of dilly dally


so I ended up

booking 5 – 14 Dec

wow… over the span of

two workweeks


but i guess it’s fine as

i travel with a data SIM anyway

and i am actually avoiding the peak

during 2nd half of December


this is the nett price with add-ons

not too bad right

i mean it’s during year-end school holiday

not the super peak but still

AirAsia Shantou SWA


and guess what

this is going to be

my third time in Shantou

and my second in Xiamen


10 day trip is ideal for me to

spend a night at Chaozhou

and plan some day trips

near Xiamen



going back to Quanzhou

Gulangyu Island is a must!!

and a temple in Zhangzhou (Cijigong)

that we accidentally gave a miss

but then i realized that

the location’s somehow near Xiamen

so i was pretty sure i shall visit soon


next round of Visa application

damn, i should have applied for

double entries during the previous one

since two trips are barely 3 months apart

what a waste, right



so i am going to have

double entries this time round

to be combined with

our next trip to Chongqing in March


Happy Birthday, China!!!

before it turns 12 AM


can’t wait to land on the

sunny breezy GLY island again


OMG exactly four years ago

Gulangyu, Xiamen 鼓浪嶼,廈門Gulangyu, Xiamen 鼓浪嶼,廈門Gulangyu, Xiamen 鼓浪嶼,廈門Gulangyu, Xiamen 鼓浪嶼,廈門


and i’ll probably be

wearing the same outfit

yes i will!!!

Gulangyu, Xiamen 鼓浪嶼,廈門


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