Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My Cotton On Loots X So Lovely That: They Deserve a Post!

ordered these on a Saturday

Less than a Month X Damage’s Done: More from Cotton On Online

given the fact that

they have to cross border from Singapore

which is not that far away, actually

i think one week of waiting is

considered pretty fast


and i like loots that

arrive on an afternoon

after having a busy morning

what’s more on a Monday


i know right…

Cotton On Package


my bff wanted one also

Cotton On PAN NAM sling bag, novelty bag


Cotton On PAN NAM sling bag, novelty bag X passport holder


the price tags are actually flight tickets

[to be shown]


can’t agree more, Lisa

Cotton On Typo X The Simpsons A4 Pad


for someone who finds Birkenstock Eva

slightly unaffordable

but would like to try buckle slides

rubi Eva wannabe


my first pair of cuffed chinos

my first pair of long pants from Cotton On too

have never put on one in my life

thank goodness it fits perfectly

Cotton On Cuffed Chinos


these represents my

3 pairs of bralette

so sexy that i feel shy

so this picture will do fine

i have a dozen of these from

two online purchases in a month

Cotton On Body hangers


these shall make the

perfect OOTD for my next vacation

plus an item or two, you know what

Cotton On Loots


damn i have 3 passport holders now

no sorry i am only holding one passport


so how???

[to be shown]


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