Thursday, September 1, 2016

French Fries Burger X Off Shoulder: Limited Offer

I pass by H&M almost everyday or

at least twice a week

during my evening walk


and out of random occasions

which is quite rare

will drop by and do some

windows shopping


the previous occasion was

two months ago

saw a Pink Floyd tank top

and sent it to my BFF

who is quite a big fan

and immediately

helped her to grab it


and today i walked in

being attracted by the

“Limited Offer” sign


unlike the “Deals” area

which is like kinda messy

yet with large mark down


the items under “Limited Offer”

are pretty well arranged and

come in all sizes at 20-30% off


so the first item i grabbed was this one

in fact my sis sent this to me a few days ago

and i have seen it before actually

during the opening of the other new branch

like two weeks ago?

H&M Best Day Ever Dress


speaking of which

i still have a pending post for that

H&M, Jonker Building, Malacca


so i ended up with 4 items in the fitting room

the attitude of all or nothing at work

H&M fitting session


and i know that

i probably gonna end up buying all four

H&M fitting sessionH&M fitting session


so i am buying these two for sure

H&M fitting sessionH&M fitting session


and this was actually a bit tight at size 36

i ended up buying size 40 without trying

okay i have to clarify that

it wasn’t my tummu bulging

i was still wearing the pair of shorts in there

H&M fitting session


this is the problematic one

printed off-shoulder romper

the print is definitely new

so is off-shoulder

and romper is something

i have not bought and worn in ages

H&M fitting session


loots of the day

as predicted all four

and it is a bonus to realize that

since the off shoulder comes with

spaghetti straps

it can actually be worn as

H&M fitting sessionH&M fitting session

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