Thursday, September 8, 2016

First Maroon X From Cotton On: Short/Long

Have been looking for a maroon dress

because my bf actually dug this out

probably getting sick of my

blue / b&w / grey wardrobe

mentioning that this looks kinda good

too bad, i didn’t actually buy it

this was from Padini during Lunar New Year


then there was the second attempt

last month at Cotton On

it was on a second piece on 50% sale

when i returned the next day

it was already over though

Cotton On Flare Dress


3rd and finally a successful attempt

Cotton On Stripe Tank Maxi Dress


it somehow looked better

folded as a short dress

somehow it stayed as it is

without falling

Cotton On Stripe Tank Maxi Dress


when i tried it on again today

just to make sure that i didn’t regret

i put two safety pins to make it stay


also this pair of acid-wash shorts

half price at 45 MYR

Cotton On Classic Mid Rise Shorts


how often will you

bump into your five (out of seven) aunties

during your weekday shopping?

my 5 aunties


10 AM – 5 PM

just amazing

Me and my fellow shopper

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