Monday, September 5, 2016

First Ever Casio X in White & Pink: Not for Me, Yo

have been talking about

buying a Casio watch for ages

from the basic analog to


a denim print G-Shock

was indeed kinda shocked

to find out that

the denim print isn’t really denim

yeah just printed on


last week

kinda random

Casio digital watch


my niece is celebrating her birthday

and she has been talking about

wanting a watch which is

similar to my Nixon Re-run


did some research with her online

Casio digital watch


and went in-store to

check the actual product

and to buy it if the price

doesn’t differ much

to realize that this is kinda small

and doesn’t really match

a girl at 10 years old


so i decided to get this one

having gotten her to approve it

kids these days tend to be

a bit more choosy than us

Casio digital watch


the black one looks pretty ok too

this was what i did to ask for her green light

My niece was asking me which one, so i had to do this


and for the reasonable price

at 99 MYR

happily bought it

without checking it again online

to be told that

there’s an additional 20% off


and be just in time to give her

during her Lunar birthday


it’s fun to see how

online and offline shopping actually

interact with each other these days

checking in-store, buying online

checking online, buying in-store


and getting the service

is probably a plus point of

shopping in-store

being told in person

about the warranty

handed to you in a paper bag


i used to wonder if

this small store selling only Casio

hidden next to the ATM corner will survive

and apparently i was wrong

because while people are

queuing up or waiting for their friends

they actually check out the store


and wow this small store

is apparently not that small after all

The invoice


which is kinda smart because

when i first thought of buying a basic Casio

the idea of walking into a huge store with

a couple of salespersons with 

many different brands is kinda daunting


so this technique of having different stores

catered to different target groups kinda works

not forgetting at the unnoticed corner

next to the ATM corner

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