Monday, January 26, 2015

李榮浩 X 我是歌手:七逢对手

3rd season of 《I Am Singer》

singing contest among

professional artist


which I am not following

until the new contest rule of

open challenger and

Mr Li Rong Hao

being the very first


I was like No!!

he wouldn’t survive in

such a competition


he sang 《Model》

one of the top tunes in his previous album

which won him the best newcomer award in

Taiwanese Golden Melody Award


somehow wasn’t his best rendition

and it came in no surprise that

he didn’t make it through

since he was placed in 6th out of 7


whereby the rule is

those who comes as a challenger

has to be in top 4 in order to

qualify into the next round



at least at 6th


and frankly speaking

the performance wasn’t that great

there were certain parts

especially during bridge

somehow there were some hanging notes

like ending in the middle of nowhere


“除了光以外,還能看見什么。。。。? ”


that was the open-ended delay in between


but maybe it’s kinda good too

at least some exposure is achieved

from half million of fans on Weibo microblog

now he has 1.3+ million

after two appearances on the show


his second appearance

as a non-competing performer

was way better than his first


how on earth he didn’t perform as good

with his own song during the

very first competing week

yet could carry a Faye Wong’s song

quite effortlessly with

his own charm


well the explanation varies

- he was kinda nervous / freaked out

- he didn’t work well with a new band

- he didn’t actually want to stay in the competition


wait a minute

why am I posting this in English




he is kinda charming

I know right


white top x sneakers / boots

simple kind of guy 

skinny yet with pretty well built

shoulders and arms

模特 + 笑忘書 + 小芳 / 李榮浩




李榮浩 / 我是歌手

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