Thursday, January 1, 2015

Robbery X Chivalry: Kinda Funny

had a beautifully strange

strangely beautiful

dream on the first day of 2015


like kinda weird

the sequence doesn’t make sense


an old man died

I don’t think he is my grandpa

but maybe he is

I can’t exactly remember


but somehow yeah

there is this old man

passed away after

he fell down after

following younger folks

for hiking activity


and I was

crying and crying

as I was reading the

coroner’s notes

(what the hell, too much of

Agatha Christie I guess)


regretting that I should have

spent more times with him

and he wouldn’t have fallen and dead if

I have some other better plans

he didn’t have to go hiking


while reading the note crying

suddenly the whole setting is changed

reading a novel at a bookstore

or still with the coroner’s note

I am not sure


and I was with a guy

not sure if his identity is

a boyfriend / a date / etc

he gave me a warm squeeze

as I was still crying

(stop laughing!!)


but guess what

he is definitely someone

I knows in reality

well of course I am not

going to tell you who he is


not now!!

unless maybe if you know


looks like the bookstore was

closing down pretty soon

light was dimmed

so I grabbed the book

and headed to the counter


my guy was waiting for me

outside the bookstore


a Caucasian & Spanish couple

with their mixed kid were in front of me

they were paying for their magazine

Economists or Business week

some “intellectual” publication


and they were trying to get discount since

they claimed that they are subscriber

but somehow the cashier guy

did not manage to get the discount keyed in


another sale girl was standing

speaking with the couple in Spanish

and she went into the counter

trying to help out


then both the couple and this sale girl

turned out to be accomplices who

would like to rob the bookstore     


so I was squatting down

I am not sure if

it was an instruction from the robbers

or out of spontaneous reaction


then my guy actually came back

into the bookstore

and hugged me

protecting me from getting injured


he did something like

wanting the robbers to

leave me alone


and we ended up well

after the robbery


what the hell


don’t laugh


kinda touching isn’t it

he could have flee the scene


I don’t know

I always expect myself to be

dumped / left behind by guy

so this really touched me


it’s a sign!!

what sign?


I am not sure about that guy

but it’s indeed a sign that

I am way too DESPERATE

right now


and I think it’s about time to

go home and spend time

with my family

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