Thursday, June 27, 2013

Woodstock X Snoopy: Best Friends Mini

they aren’t supposed to arrive

not until 1st July

because I got them along with a

set of pre-ordered concert discs



just to average out the shipping fees

to make myself feeling less guilty


if I were to ordering these

as an individual item

the shipping fee is way higher than the item price

when it was ordered along with the second item

the shipping fee is…

roughly about the same price as the item

well… does it even make any difference?


somehow I was under the misconception that

they are not so petite

because of the shipping fees

and there is a book

how small can a book get

stupid me

Snoopy & Woodstock - Best Friends


and I don’t understand why

they have to break the order

as two separate parcels

so not environmental friendly

and all Taiwanese parcels by DHL

have to go through Hong Kong

still waiting for my discs

which is supposed to be the main item

and this one being the complement toy


here you go

Snoopy & Woodstock: Bes FriendsP1230224


I bet they felt guilty

for the shipping fees

and so they gave a free gift of

a travel notebook

with two lomo-like postcards in there

travel notebook postcards in there


my dad was already saying

these are the free toys you can get

along with Happy Meals


true story…

at least 6 sets of Happy Meals, wow!


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