Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Higher X Faster: Snoopy Coaster

Snoopy coaster 12


finally found that kind of game

which is best played

while waiting for public transports

or to save you from awkward moments of

staring into each others’ face

or the potential stranger who is about to

start a random conversation


and trust me

it can even cure travel sickness

I got a light headache from a bumpy bus ride

then got myself a ride on the coaster

my headache was gone


I guess this is like

does anyone ever name this theory

it is like

you put yourself in a more terrible situation

then you found that the trivial issue you are facing

is actually quite not worth mentioning

you have even quite forgotten about it

Snoopy coaster 10


not too heavy

can pause anything as you like it

does not require periodical commitment

like Smurfs’ Village & Snoopy’s Street Fair do


nevertheless the more I play

the more addictive it gets

due  to the objectives to hit

in order to reach the next level

and saving enough coins for the upgrades

Snoopy coaster 02


my astigmatism is doing the ride bad

during the spooky Halloween night scene

and the WWII night war scene

I really could not see where the track is

Snoopy coaster 01


and I finally feel the Charlie Brown’s plight

when the kite got swalled by the kite eating trees

stupid trees with the sparkling-teeth-smile!!

Snoopy coaster 08


the background design is indeed quite rich

although the track runs on and on

regardless of the background scene

will never fail to link back to the Peanuts memory

Snoopy coaster 09Snoopy coaster 04


would say that it is a good combination

between a roller coaster simulation

and the Peanuts features

Snoopy coaster 07



non Peanuts reader will never understand

the out of the blue appearance of

a Beethoven head sculpture in a roller coaster game

Snoopy coaster 11


good job Chillingo

Snoopy coaster 13



and the in-app purchase is quite reasonable

and not too demanding

you know there are that kind of game

that limit your play per day

limit the items you could collect

so that you will just throw in real money

blah.. so called free games

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