Friday, June 28, 2013

Black Suit X Hidden Cute: New Look For iStru

iStephru moved into a new home

a cover case

and live in like a younger gen of tablet

iPad 1 case cover


was not my first choice

but the plain one was no longer available

there were navy and leather brown,

which I could not make up my mind

this design offered black/white/hot pink/red

well, then

black is the first resort




USD 1 per piece

for minimum order of 50pc

forget about the gadgets

case cover is indeed a pretty good business huh

Bright_Cute_Graffiti_fairy_Pretty_Smart_Leather_Case_Cover_Stand_for_ipad_3Bright_Cute_Graffiti_fairy_Pretty_Smart_Leather_Case_Cover_Stand_for_ipad_3 (1)


after two years

the silicone case was quite worn and torn

ready to retire

the stand… erm

it wasn’t of much use to me, sorry

somewhere… I think it’s somewhere safe and sound

iPad case & stand

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