Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Returning Expedition to SMYB

decided to return

since a few of our friends

wanna collect their STPM results

I don’t take STPM

so I have left this school

for 3 years already

never return for once


XH was talking to Pn. Sim

the rest were inside just to enjoy the air-con

10 reasons... blah blah blah


I don’t know who came out with the evil idea that

Mr. Tan should be the photographer

finally he was in the photo

the guy in yellow shirt

he never teach me before

taught them for physic or something

nicknamed Superman


finally found a student

he took photo very spontaneous

didn’t even cue us

maybe because he is a wushu guy



Bilik Kuliah

one and only air-coned lecture theatre

who were the one who wore slippers

for Mr. Lee’s physic extra lesson

and got the slippers confiscated?



if five senses are an integrated part of memory

then this place is infused with smell…

it always smells sock-ish

since everyone has to take off their shoes to enter

and permeated with sound.

where we sang MLTR’s Paint My Love

and Ah Bum’s I’ll Do My Crying in The Rain…


still the same old crazy kid

me and my bro, the Crazy Kid


i think this use to be the hang out spot for Malay gangs

and also during morning assembly

those who with displinary problems will be

put on hold here

waiting to be served by a team of professionals



where to go next?

  1. panorama bus
  2. MBO
  3. Huai En Yuan
  4. MP/DP

but can see the light blue shirt guy

showing impatient face

making face towards the long hair babe

“just leave two of us alone…”

we wanna go for a date

just two of us

where to go next?


in teachers room

L.T.T.: Eh, Ms. Tee looks slimmer now

N.H.L.: No la, it’s just because she is in black today


fashion tips:

if wearing black can make you look slim

then white colour can do the reverse

Xh doesn’t grow fat at all

it’s just because he is always in white


the beige colour handbag sucks

don’t ever borrow bag from your mama

it’s time to shopping

and invest in a proper handbag

me and Xiao Hua 

culprits who always copied homeworks here

before entering the labs

the two girls who passed by

were lauging at these stupid people

especially the chekered shirt one

looked like he is praying very hard

asking for forgiveness for

all the sins he has done all his life




don’t worry

your repentance will be heard

and awarded a Ms. Piggie

as sexy and seductive

as the one in Sesame Street

(Kermit’s wife)


how forgetful i am

you found your best buddy, right

the one in the couple shirt with you

as I said her fashion sense is

incredibly very sharp

but amazingly you can match hers





due to privacy reasons

and the author’s apprehension of lawsuits

and tindakan disiplin ke atas

blogger  yang tidak bertanggungjawab,


Chee Pin’s best buddy name can’t be disclosed.

but for sure, she is hot


the St. John seniors want to show power

“seniors, it isn’t really our fault lar

the quality of kids nowadays is deteriorating ”

“we have to design activities like

playing newspaper ball under the hot sun”

seniors giving lectures


the St. John leader has got funny badge on his arm

one with a chef’s face

i think it is a recognition for completing

the Diner Dash series or maybe Hell Kitchen


the rational behind is

if you have got the speed and sharpness

to excel in these games

you have got the prowess to become

a St’ john leader



to St. John seniors

please wear long pants and covered shoes

whenever you enter a cultured school


Pn. Kamisah even said that

KSH looks like a “doktor kelakar”

a funny doctor



it’s all from me today

Ah Bum wants to read The Pearl already

this is an insider’s joke..






ah bak goh

6.00 am


reporting from SMYB

the cultured school

on behalf of



  1. 真慚愧...我已經很久沒有回去我的母校了....

  2. sifu,suddenly so miss u...sobs.....

  3. hhaa,nice nice,sibeh funny ah~~~

  4. I love this blog sooo MUCH !! it reminds me of those good old days ..

    haha ..

    tl do u still remember our 口头禅s?




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