Friday, May 8, 2009

Banda Hilir Rojak

today aft we went MP

Xiao Hua fetched me back home

decided to stop by for a snack

3 choices

  1. fried kueh teow
  2. ABC cendol
  3. rojak


decided to go 4 rojak

cause very long never take that Rojak

it has been ages

craving for it


the uncle selling the rojak

is my grandpa’s friend’s elder son

we call him Uncle QingHai’s son


his dad still visits us during CNY

and give me ang pao

old old friends they are

hitting 90 soon


this boss has been selling Rojak

for at least 20 years

so quite an local icon

for people around this area


lovely lovely

wanna find back

those good old flavours



almost sunset

sun not as hot anymore


the boss preparing rojak

this kinda lazy chair

i think last time

everyone owns one at home

the stall by the roadside 

this one looks like going to Kenduri

wedding lunch?


very very Kampung-ish flavour


sandy ground



and under the shade

of an old  tree   0706


with whom i went with

kampung boy

me and Kampung Boy


our rojak is hereBanda Hilir Rojak


can’t help noticing

how much peanuts on top there

it’s mouth watering peanuts scattering all over


rojak with cooling coconut water

rojak + coconut water


the view across the road

kampung house

with a very very big

mango tree

Kampung house


the uncle going to close soon

rm 5 only for the lovely meal


where is it?

Banda Hilir Rojak location


Jalan Parameswara

my dad said this is tam-chak street (貪吃街)

i won’t disagree with him


landmarks along this road

  1. McQuek Satay Celup
  2. Newton Food Court
  3. OUB Food Court
  4. and other minor eating places

Jalan Parameswara

this rojak is after Esso Petrol Station

and before Newton Food Court

Operating Hours Noon till Evening
Transport take bus 17 from Sentral
or Panorama bus

there is a bus stop in front of the
Melaka Jail


evening pre-dinner snack

is great !!


next time will cover the other

nice food along this street

from breakfast

lunch, snack,

dinner and even supper too


  1. haha is like advertisement!
    the info is complete enough!
    it's tempting me although i dont eat rojak..

  2. OMG !!! Im so regret I back penang earlier !!!

    TL next time we must go together !!!
    I don't care !!!!


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