Thursday, February 2, 2017

There We Meet Again! X Network Issue: !!!!

touched down in Kaohsiung

smooth journey

perfect weather


yet i was stuck with a

laptop which can’t detect

any Wi-Fi network

while I had some urgent task

to start working on immediately


while my phone

managed to access Wi-Fi

provided by the hotel


and there’s no LAN port

in the room

although I did bring

the cable as Plan B

as always


went to the lobby

thinking probably because

the signal is not strong


yet the problem persisted

none of the solution

regarding Device Manager

provided on forum worked


last resort:

data roaming


yesterday I was using

personal hotspot

while working from the airport

and it worked perfectly fine


but back then

my laptop could still

detect Wi-Fi networks

available around the airport

although I wasn’t using them


it kinda panicked me out

when there was no 4G/LTE/whatever

when I turned my data on


so I switched to Wi-Fi

and found out that

I had to manually select

the local telco carrier which

is collaborating with my telco


so now I am on data roaming X

personal hotspot while

in fact my phone is

working perfectly fine

with the Wi-Fi


i could probably list down

a long list of bad experience with

internet while traveling aboard

it’s sort of like a curse, man!


now I have another 1234 words to go

no joke, that’s the exact quantity

which I hope to finish

before I head out to explore Kaohsiung


when I was about to K.O. the file upstairs

got another file about the same volume

to be translated into 2 languages


and i decided to go full force

and get all the 3 files done

soon it was 9:30 PM



thank goodness this was not

my first meal in Kaohsiung



before I went on to K.O.

a batch of small videos for transcription


almost 12 AM

finally it’s about time to

call it a day


yeah.. have too

since the day is literally ending soon

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