Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Newear X Wait No Further: ✈April’s

Saw this ad in local daily

on 17 Nov (Tuesday) noon



checked out the price immediately

not bad at all

and it finally fitted the price at 199 as advertised

for flight in early April

as my Chinese visa is expiring by mid April



800 for two pax

it’s even cheaper than

our tickets for one to Kaohsiung

if I have booked immediately

it could be the cheapest ever

if only..


12 hours later

midnight of Wednesday

oh no!!

199 is gone

should have booked them



after a good night sleep

on Wednesday morning

the price went down for a bit

but not as low as the first


Should I?

Or shouldn’t I?

it sounded okay for me

but still can’t get over the fact that

I had actually missed a super good deal

just like that



On Friday!



Got a pop-up notification

in the afternoon



let’s do this

before everyone else

saw the same notification

and decided to book their tickets too




i seriously don’t know

what’s there in Wuhan

except it’s the hometown of Wang Kai


his new movie is going to be in theatre

this April too and

I have not tried

watching a movie in China


and way earlier

i have thought of heading to

Luoyang and Longmen Grottoes

transiting at Wuhan


happiness(/being broken) is

booking tickets to

three cities for

first half of the year

within 20 days

since the new year started



i drafted this post late January

but was too lazy to get the pictures ready

and finally had the time to

while killing time at the airport

waiting for my next morning flight

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