Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mid-Year Plateau X Then a Sudden Trough: Ju-on

The month of June was pretty flat

as in there wasn't any

super dupery mad rush


Things are getting more stable

I am used to waking up at 6

so that I can get off by 6

to go for my daily evening jog


I mean a walk / grocery /

pharmacy shopping session


well who else are like me

taking a walk in a

shopping district cum tourist attraction

within 100m there you are

you accidentally pick up an ice cream

on your way back


It's like so frequent that

I avoid going to that

(One and only) shopping on a weekend

because I have been there like almost

every single day during weekdays


not to mention

occasional weekday's brunch

at the same area too

and dropping by Cotton On

after the brunch


Having drafted the above for June

back on Monday

never expect the month to

take such a drastic turn


Wednesday was a public holiday

as a matter of fact

i am used to working on such day


yet it was an exceptionally busy one

juggling among a few projects

from really small quantity to large

and i was down with

fever and sore throat


towards late afternoon

when i thought I could finally

take a nap as work progress was

actually quite manage-able by then


got an email for a back-up task

had previously got head up and

agreed to take this up

but i never expect it to be

as complicated and as many emails


back-up in the sense that

the office which usually assigns task

was closed during the holiday

so i was supposed to deal with

another segment of the chain

i.e. getting quite a few emails

and not really knowing about

obtaining and delivering the files


it was very time consuming

given the other few pending deadlines

extremely draining

given the fever / sore throat / etc


to make matter worst

my home internet was down after 7PM

so i submitted one of my main work

via hotpot connection and

got done with it thinking that

the long day was finally over

in fact i started at 4 AM


i vomited having tried to

have something for dinner

off to bed and got another email

from the other side, the one

which was giving me some issues that

they actually didn’t get any files

the one i uploaded


i made another attempt

my home connection was still down

after two hours

and this time round

hotspot was suddenly not working


and i was actually feeling cold

literally covered in blanket

the option of heading to a cafe was

definitely out


but they were waiting for my files

so i was dragged out of bed

and walked out in the rain

borrowing Wi-Fi from a hotel lobby

to send the files over


thought that was it

a bad day was finally over

the week wrapped up

not good neither


got email from client

about quality issue

“taking off sentence or phrase”

was one of a requests in the comment


i doubt i can work further as

several jobs down the road

the same “paraphrasing” issue

was mentioned and emphasized


felt down not really because of

the potential loss in business but

was quite a nice friend back then


and the worst case of the week

it struck towards the end of the week

5 something in the evening

i was helping my mom with pastry

hands were occupied and

phone was away from the table


when i checked my phone

around 6 PM

i actually missed an email

which came in at 5:44

and saw it 2 hours later

along with another email which came in


280 USD flew out of the window

for a task of non-rushing deadline and

non-complicated content as

it was already assigned to someone else


and it actually sheds a

really bad image of

not replying to emails on time


deadlines juggling is fine

working on a public holiday is fine


fever + sore throat

handling loads emails for a single task

sudden Wi-Fi + mobile connection failure

helpless negative feedback


and best of all

wrapping it up with

missing an extremely important email


i have been extremely careful with email

succumbing to turning on data

even if I go for my evening jog

and i actually missed the email when

i was actually at home!!

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