Thursday, June 4, 2015

SKYPE FIX: WhrTH is My Notification

was having so much problems with

my Skype on Window 8


can’t pin the program to taskbar

can’t create desktop shortcut

can’t show it on the notification area


no notification for missed calls, texts etc

and where can I enable auto sign-in?

and where are all the menus?


and it seems to be not really user friendly

just like that annoying Start Screen

in spite of the sophisticated design

Screen Shot 06-04-15 at 10.42 PM


I want the old version back

or even better MSN Live Messenger


it’s alright

it’s alright

until there’s this new client of mine

really huge apologies


she tried to reach me

three times via Skype

and I only got to see it

really late in the evening and

the tasks had already been

assigned to someone else



finally found the solution

to download another version of Skype


to download Skype for Desktop

instead of Skype for Windows


from Skype community

Skype Windows 8 can't see notifications/calls outs...

goodness this topic has been achieved

since it’s inactive for more than 6 months


then how I ended up

downloading the wrong version


the notification and shortcut issues are now solved

and the menus are all back

however what I dislike about this version is

there are ad panels…


Screen Shot 06-04-15 at 10.43 PM


such community is undeniably helpful

few days back I was having issue with

Windows Live Writer

not being able to connect to Blogger


telling me that the account is not found

or the username / password is wrong

that kinda scared me out


not again

there was issue few weeks back

which I was glad to get it solved

right here *Unblocked*


until I found this post

error "notfound: not found" posting from windows livewriter

on Blogger help forum

so it’s not just me, thank goodness  


discovering new things everyday

isn’t it?

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