Monday, May 18, 2015

Blogger Fix: Blogging Tool Block

20 days since I last posted

have not been able to log in

although I have been wanting to post something

the May 01 post was still saved as a draft post


not being able to post anything

another separate issue which has been

bugging me at the same time is


getting notifications in my inbox that

Google has blocked sign-attempt to my Google account


oh no, does it mean that

someone other than myself

has been trying to access my account

and it’s recurring over and over again


and finally I happened to see

the security notification came in

immediately after

I tried to access Blogger account via

Window Live Liver


the two issues are linked after all

Google has blocked access from

Window Live Writer which is considered as

a third-party less secure app


and here I am again

have not been active since

the new turn this year 


lowest ever I must say, in years

didn’t even do recap for 2014

and before I know it

half of 2015 is almost gone


now that I am back

I promise to scribble more

at least to keep myself writing 

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