Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fix: “iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in even when not” after a “Water Spill”

my niece accidentally spilled water onto my phone

and to my frustration

she wiped her lovely leg instead of my phone


I am not sure if there’s a causation link

within less than 30 minutes

my phone went cranky


can’t hear anything in a phone call

unless speaker was turned on

or headphone was plugged in


and when I was adjusting volume

it was shown that I was on headphone

in fact I wasn’t


so I found this thread with the above mentioned title

it dated back to 2012


old trick is good trick

as long as it works


Q-tips a.k.a. cotton swab

did the trick well for me

without moving on to the paper-clips trick


stuffing a cotton swab into the headphone jack

to clean it

then sliced it off in a 45” angle

to form a sharper tip and

did another round of cleaning

cotton swab to clean headphone jack


some dirt was unearthed

and my phone is working again

without thinking that

I am on headphone in fact I wasn’t


small trick that saved the day

I thought of a few solutions



hearing through loud speakers all the time

is the quickest solution

I don’t get that many phone calls anyway



plugging in headphone all the time

is the 2nd solution

but isn’t that kinda troublesome

bringing a phone along is in fact already

quite a hassle to me



send in to fix it

Where?  Who?  For how long?

I would rather stay with (1) or (2) then



getting a new phone

which is not in my 2015 budget

(as if I have one…)

I would rather go for another travel


speaking of that

shouldn’t I start blogging about

my previous trip

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