Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Night Tales X Best Heal: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

my niece started watching these

Grimm’s fairy tales on YouTube

Japanese animation, Mandarin dubbed

Grimm Fairytales animation (japanese, mandarin dubbed)


then I hopped on

like we watched it together

whenever time allows

and at one point of time

even if she wasn’t’ around

I watched it all by myself too


I am not sure

if it is out of craving for the stories or

I merely miss the time I spent with her

when she was away


some stories are pretty entertaining

especially those which

involved animals


so not too long ago

I started digging the books as well

copy-right-free Gutenberg version are

handily available and read


frankly speaking

this is the first time I pick this up

such a good stuff which is way too long overdue 

all my life this is the very first time

I am reading Grimm’s unabridged version


and it wasn’t too long ago since

I got to know that

they are brothers instead of a person


I read one story with my niece

made her read a couple of pages and

explained it in Mandarin

that story was Golden Bird

then I lost patience and skipped her reading part 

I retold the story in Mandarin to her instead


somehow it doesn’t make sense to

read fairy tales at the age

you cease believing in fairy tales


but somehow it is a good read

to put yourself to bed with fairy tales


however to be read with cautions

some stories are pretty gross

yeah the last story I read yesterday was

The Robber Bridegroom which

touches on cannibalism

oh man, but my eyelids were about to close

doesn’t allow for another story

so I fell asleep feeling rather odd


in short, not all are the happily-ever-after

prince-princess type of stories

and those exactly are the one which interest me

Mon Ami, those about human nature


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