Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week-long X Struggle Along: Rater Exam!

it took me one week to study for this exam

to qualify as a search quality evaluator or

in short, a rater


perhaps because I have not studied for an exam

for quite some times

it was actually pretty stressed up


every single page of the 150 pages guideline

was being highlighted, in PDF format

with separate notes compiled in Word


I guess I did not even spend

that much time and effort for

exams back in college


perhaps it is because of the terms imposed

eg: once you fail one paper

you can’t proceed to the second stage

and some online research proved that

yeah, people actually failed it at the 1st stage


and the very first paper

an open-booked multiple choice questions

appeared to be quite difficult as

the 4 choices consist of a true/false column


ie: there’s no guaranteed

one single answer for

each and every question


then two practical papers

which I was not confident at all, too

I even started consoling myself

it’s alright at least

the time spent on the 150 pages

has taught me something


thank goodness I passed!

the whole of yesterday

can’t help but checking and expecting

their email from time to time


that is at least some

stable source of basic income, I hope


since my freelancing work is

pretty unstable still

last month it was a boom

and this month it took a plunge


all the best

struggling in the flow

while enjoying the very best ever

moment of home life

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