Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clock Ticks X New Pick: Secured Airtics

was comparing this earlier this morning

AirAsia vs MAS

2013.03.26 AA2013.03.26 MAS


not too bad right

Malaysia Airlines is at least now

quite competitive in term of price

against Air Asia


and that price is inclusive of

meal(s?) and luggage allowance of 30kg

therefore well

not much difference between the both

around RM 100+ per pax


Should I?

but why would I buying service from

a bloody inefficient corporation?

not sure about now, it was indeed notorious


pro of taking MAS

more comfortable seats

though I am not quite sure how spacious AirAsia X is

compared to the usual AirAsia plane


and the touch down timing is better

AirAsia is touching down at Beijing at 0050

whereas MAS is at 0635


both are quite lousy

no check-in can be made before 2p.m. right

but at least 0635 is slightly better than 0050

to spend the night at airport


tick tock tick tock

following the price

you will never know how fast the price can rise


texted dad

apparently he was pretty much keen on the trip too

he preferred to move the date one day earlier

flying on Sundays to maximize the weekend break


okay that makes the choosing process easier

to fly on those Sundays selected

it’s actually cheaper to go by MAS

compared to AirAsia


you see

AirAsia’s price is rather tight

at times it’s rather difficult to get a perfect deal

between the depart vs return tic

2013.03.26 AA03


on the other hand,

for MAS, price is stable throughout the month

and flying time is more flexible too

since there are two flights per day

2013.03.26 MAS03


passport details

I did not have them in hand right now

told dad I will do the booking then tomorrow

it turned out that

he is even more anxious than me

texted me the details immediately


and Beijing is one of the destinations on the

must-go-before-I-die list 

at least once, probably


some holidays are planned

based on the airfare sales

based on travel mate’s suggestions

based on travelling trend


but Beijing has always been there on my list

it feels like going back home

trust me I was born there or was

residing there during

my previous life


flipping books, checking hotels, weathers

doing all necessary researches

way before air tickets are booked

finally can continue doing the researches

without that surreptitious look


security is

a pair of un-flown tickets

which gives me loads of motivation to go on

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