Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blooming Sakura X Chirping Seagull: Spring, So Far

Kunming, the Spring City

on a warm sunny cool breezy day

sakura in yuan tong temple, 圓通寺seagull in Green Lake 翠湖seagulls in Green Lake 翠湖i01547view of Dian Lake, 滇池 in Hai Geng Park 海埂公園view of Dian Lake, 滇池 in Hai Geng Park 海埂公園Hai Geng Park 海埂公園chair lift of West Moutain, Xi Shan 西山West Moutain, Xi Shan 西山Garden in Jin Dian Temple 金殿區公園Camellia japonica 茶花, icon of Kunming\Sakura upclosed

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